Mocha: A dark brown color

Melange: A mixture; a medley

Mocha Melange is a space dedicated to unapologetically uplifting and centering Black women and Black women’s issues.

Mocha Melange was born out of a desire to showcase the beautiful struggle that it is to be a Black woman in a society that tells us that we are everything but enough. It is space where Black women can share, commune, learn, and most importantly, have a voice.

What Mocha Melange Is…

  • Mocha Melange is an affirming space
  • Mocha Melange is a space that is committed to boldly speaking truth to power

What Mocha Melange Is Not…

  • Mocha Melange is not a space for respectability politics
  • Mocha Melange is not a space that concerns itself with making messages palatable to the masses, particularly when that hinders honesty